Trustee Information

 Thomas E. Springer is our trustee who has been appointed by the United States Department of Justice to help oversee bankruptcy cases. Please contact the individual trustee directly if you are counsel in one of the trustee's appointed bankruptcy estates.

Please refer to the U.S. Bankruptcy Website for specific telephonic section 341 meeting information and instructions.

Court website:



July 26, 2021  341 Continued call Zoom 


All Debtors' counsel must complete the Zoom Registration Form and provide directly to the Trsutee, Thomas E. Springer at The form is available through this link

10:45 am

Jankowski, Keith                               Case No. 21-04661      Att: Michael Miller

Santana, Jasmine                               Case No.  21-06888     Att: Michael Bane



11:00 pm

Aquino-Calayag, Yancy                  Case  No. 19-07004       Att:  David Freydin

Alvarez, Alicia                                Case No. 21-07531        Att: David Ward

Collier, Camille                              Case No. 21-07532         Att: David Ward

Chahal, Sukhjinder Kaur                Case no. 21-07547         Att: Mark Levine

Health As We Go, Inc.                    Case No. 21-07568        Att: Chad Hayward

11:30 pm

Paracha, Maryam Shafaq                Case No. 21-07581       Att: Constantine Matsas

Parekh, Sonali                                 Case No. 21-07583       Att: Constantine Matsas

Rios, Veronica                                 Case No. 21-07588      Att: Ryan Fojo

Mitchell, Dominique                       Case No. 21-07604       Att: Yisroel Moskovits

Kraft, Sara                                       Case No. 21-07627       Att: Patrick Meszaros

Sisomboune, Kathy                         Case No. 21-07651       Att: james Young

12:00 pm

Ruiz, Paraskevi Bakatselos             Case No. 21-07650        Att: Lizette Villegas

Abbinante, Marisa Faye                  Case No. 21-07656        Att: Tarek Khalil

Ludlam, Sheri                                  Case No. 21-07666        Att: Tim Brown

Lopez, Zulma                                   Case No. 21-07675       Att: Thomas Nield

Keiffer, Jr., J. Steven                        Case No. 21--7676       Att: Molly Stojanov

Avery, Michael                                 Case No. 21-07682      Att: David Cutler

12:30 pm

Scott, Shirley                                     Case No. 18-32679       Att: Yisroely Moslovits

Garcia, Oscar Rafael                         Case No. 21-07691      Att: Ricardo Gomez

Donner, Judith                                   Case No. 21-07697       Att: John Carlin

Perez, Hilda                                       Case No. 21-07705     Att: Roy Winn

Velazquez, Jesse & Christine Marie  Case No. 21-07708     Att: Adma Suchy

Heard, Kimberly                                 Case No. 21-07721    Att: Ricard Bass

1:00 pm

Trkulja, Ljubomir                              Case No. 21-07755     Att: John Holowach

McCarthy, John                                 Case No. 21-07759    Att: David Cutler

Lemmy, Ted                                       Case No. 21-07773    Att: Robert Honig

Torres, Mercy Virgen                         Case No. 21-07781    Att: David Lugardo

McMillan, Brenda                              Case No. 21-07799   Att: Micael Spangler

Obradovic, Sarah                               Case No. 21-07807    Att: John Reed

1:30 pm

Fester, James                                          Case No. 21-07810       Att: Joe Michelotti

Marshall, , Jr., James Albert                   Case No. 21-07831      Att: Larry Madlock

Enriquez, Alejandro & Asusena Perez    Case No. 07849           Att: Daniel Giudice

Cyhanuik, Alex                                      Case no. 21-07867        Att: Pro Se

Plackowski, Artur                                   Case No. 21-07885      Att: Micael Worwag

Russo, Anthony                                      Case No. 21-07907     Att: Joe Michelotti

2:00 pm

Kring, Mary                                            Case No. 21-07908      Att: Joe Michelotti

Carter, Nadine                                         Case No. 21-07915     Att: Jeremy Nevel

Streeter, Kristin                                       Case No. 21-07924     Att: Eric Oppliger

Alarcon Rodriquez, Jose Martin             Case No. 21-07957     Att: Wylie Mok

Holsker, Erin                                           Case No. 21-07997     Att: Bradley Covey

2:30 pm

Harris, Stephen Randall                        Case No. 21-08003       Att: Danile Gonzalez

Kerwin, Trina                                        Case No. 21-08014      Att: Joe Doyle

Carrillo, Erik Ortiz                                 Case No. 21-08016      Att: Jason Kara

3:00 pm

Farace-Salters, Jamie                            Case No. 21-05864     Att: Yisroely Moskovits

Moore-Thieben, teresa Ellen                 Case No. 21-06818    Att: Lawrence Lobb








Tips for Attending Your Telephonic

Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditors

if you are a Pro- Se Debtor.

Tip No. 1:  You must include your current telephone number and email address on your bankruptcy petition so that your Chapter 7 Trustee can call and/or email you information and instructions.

Tip No. 2:  A "Chapter 7 Trustee" will be assigned to your case. Chapter 7 Trustees are not permitted to give you legal advice about your case anf they cannot serve as your lawyer.

Tip No. 3:  You will be required to attend a Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditos about 30 days after you case is filed. You will get notice of the date and time for your meeting in the mail from the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court. The Notice will also provide you with the name and contact information of your Chapter 7 Trustee.

Tip No. 4:  To participate in your required Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditors, fill out a Zoom Registration Form , have it notarized and email it to your trustee, Thomas E. Springer. Link can be found here: Once you have filled out the Zoom registration Form, you will be registered for the 341 call and the trustee will email you the Zoom meeting I.D. and passcode for your 341 call. You should recieve this information a couple days before the meeting.

Tip No. 5:  The Bankruptcy Code requires that you provide your Chapter 7 Trustee with certain documents at least 7 days before your Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditors. At a minimum, you will be required to provide pay stubs for the 60 days before you filed for bankruptcy and the last  2 years of federal tax returns that you filed with the IRS. You should contact your Chapter 7 Trustee to ask what additional documents they require and how you should transmit them. Documents can be emailed to Trustee Thomas Springer at testrustee

Tip No. 6:  To participate in your Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditors, you are required to provide your Chapter 7 Trustee proof of your identification, including a photo ID and proof of your Social Security Number. To make your meeting go fasterm you should provide these items to your Chapter 7 Trustee before your meeting. You will also need to provide your Chapter 7 Trustee a signed an notarized Declaration Confirming Identification and Social Security Number, which you can obtain at by clicking on the PDF entitled Protocol for Telephonic Appearances for Chapter 7 341 Meetings.

Tip No. 7:  To find out additional information about bankruptcy, you can read  Bankruptcy Basics by visiting, published by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

Thomas E. Springer

Trustee for Kane  and DuPage Counties , IL


For documents pertaining to 341 meetings

(First Meeting of Creditors):


We request that you send six months of pay advices and two years of tax returns to the trustee. Documents should be recieved seven (7) days prior to the meeting date.


You can send them via mail to the firm's Wheaton address or click here to email them. Email is preferred. Please place the case number, case name and meeting date in the subject line.


**Please send all electronic documents in PDF format**


For more informion on Tom's trustee related matters, please contact Adriana O'Loughlin.